Inflator Tools

Dunnage air bags can be used to stabilize cargo depending on the type of load, transport, void size, height of the cargo and specific shipping requirements. We will advise you on the most effective dunnage bag that will fulfil your or your client’s requirement. Securing goods during transport not only requires the right load securing products, but also the right accessories for their professional application. In addition, many useful tools support your daily work and ensure that your cargo arrives at the recipient undamaged.

Inflator Blower

The Super Flow Inflator Tool is one of fastest filling inflator tools for dunnage air bags. For use with 2 ply air bags, its proprietary design uses ambient air to quickly fill the bags while conserving the use of air from your air compressor. Once the dunnage air bags reaches a certain level of air pressure, your air compressor kicks in to top off the bag with just the right amount of air. The Super Flow Inflator Tool has a safety shut-off feature to prevent accidental over-filling of bags.

Highspeed Inflator Blower

We are offering Electric Inflator Tool to our clients.


  • Durable
  • Inflate bags fast with a continous, constant, stream of air.
  • Increase work efficiency by eleminating dead time associated with air tank replenishment.
  • Efective alternative to pneumatic inflators :
  • Does not require a sepearte aircompressure
  • Self-regulated, no gauging required for most bags.

Inflator Gun

Inflator Gun is a fast filling inflator tool designed for use with vinyl air bags, known by the Big Foot name and also for use with the polywoven air bags

Simply put onto the valve of the dunnage bag. By pressing the trigger, the air flows into the bag within a few seconds until the bag completely fills the gap. Remove the filling device from the valve of the dunnage bag. That’s it! Your transport goods are now reliably protected against slipping or tipping over.