Polywoven Dunnage Air Bag

The purpose of a dunnage airbag is to secure the cargo and create a bulkhead during transit. That can be a sea container, a rail car, a truck, a vessel, or intermodal.
The dunnage bags will be fitted into the gaps or void between the cargo and then carefully filled with compressed air.
PP woven airbags are light, waterproofed, and 100% recyclable.

Dunnage Bag Basics

The basic construction of any dunnage bag is the combination of two major parts.
The IN-LINER ( also called bladder or balloon ) with actually hold the compressed airtight at high-pressure levels,
The OUT-LINER ( the cover ) which gives the shape, the stability, and the enormous strength to the dunnage airbag.
The strength of a woven polypropylene airbag depends on the OUT-LINER’s material thickness


All our dunnage bags IN-LINER are made of a specially extruded poly-ethylene (PE-mixture) with the guarantee of a perfect tightness even under high pressure.
For the OUT-LINER we use layers of special extensible kraft paper with a very high TEA to match with all applications.
Only kraft paper from the best quality and tear force will be used for the airbag production process and that guarantees the best possible performance.

Valve Systems

We produce two kinds of valve, the Standard valve or the MEGAFLOW fast filling valve system.
The Standard valve has been tested and approved by our customers in many million dunnage bags.
The MEGAFLOW valve allows you to fill up air bags much faster with our specially designed air filling devices.
The so-called ‘Venturi’ effect saves up to 50 % of inflation time.


For using place the bag in the gaps between your cargo and start inflating using compressed air.
You can easily recognize when the bag is filled enough. Then it sits tight and unmovable in the vault.
DonĀ“t overfill the bags to avoid damage to your cargo. Now your cargo is effectively secured during transportation.
When unloading, just open the valve to deflate